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I am a freelance photographer. I take a lot of pictures and I love to share some of them on this blog. All pictures have a Ⓒ... Thank you.


Dot, dot, dot - Points de supension

Dot, dot, dot I - ©Mammodouy's Pictures 2010

Dot, dot, dot II - ©Mammodouy's Pictures 2010

Dot, dot, dot - The end - ©Mammodouy's Pictures 2010


'A imagen del misterio' - Pablo Neruda, 1965

©Mammodouy, Madrid 2009

©Mammodouy's Pictures 2010                                                                                                      


Like a dream

All pictures - ©Mammodouy's Pictures 2010                                                                                 


Mid-August Spring Tide from 'Les Tertres'

Low tide - No longer an island

Hidden rocks loom up for a few hours...


High tide coming in again

All pictures - ©Mammodouy's Pictures 2010 


A long rainy day and a few steps in the garden, late at night

Waking up without Le Verdelet

Threatening skies all day long

Late at night, a few steps in the garden

All pictures - ©Mammodouy's Pictures 2010


Morning, noon and night

A very good day.

Morning - Le Verdelet

Saint Cast Harbor - noon

Le Verdelet - Sunset
All pictures - ©Mammodouy's Pictures 2010

On a bright summer day

Good start for a beautiful summer day... One image a day...
Hard to choose.

This one...

Or this one...

This one maybe...

Or this one...

This one???

Or this one...

But this one sums up a perfect day...

Reaching up to pure bliss

All pictures © Mammodouy's Pictures 2010


Variations on Le Verdelet

'Le Verdelet' is a very small island somewhere in Northern Brittany. I'm lucky enough to live very close and I've been looking at it for the past 25 years. You'd think it would be boring after a while but it is not. Northern Brittany is renowned for its ever-changing and breathtaking skies. Le Verdelet is truly 'breton'. It is too small to be breathtaking but it reflects Nature's mood. Always there and always different.

All pictures - ©Mammodouy's Pictures 2010